Aluminum Diamond Plate - 9x72 Tandem Fender - for 15" Tires

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  • Is the 72" length from inside edge to inside edge? Or light pocket to light pocket? Thanks in advance

    that is the measurement from inside to inside. You have another 2 inches on both sides with the light pocket bracket.

  • Do I order a left and right side or are they interchangeable? Can you also confirm the back plate is welded to the fenders? Also, is it possible to pick up the items in Edmonton to save the shipping cost? Thanks

    Yes, they have the backplate welded on them, and they are interchangeable side to side

  • Please confirm that it has two marker light housings and it is designed to mount on 2" post,

    Yes to both.  PJ’s uses 2” mounts for these fenders and they have the light pockets on them.

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