LED Mounting Bracket for DRC6 Series - ATV Handlebar Mount

Vendor: Speed Demon Lights

Available: In stock

SKU: 10-30050

$48.99 CAD $64.99 CAD

      Universal ATV Handlebar Mount - Fits 6" DRC Series
      (light not included)

      This ATV Handlebar Mount allows you to use SpeedDemon LED Light Bars a s a headlight on you ATV or Dirtbike. This mount is designed to fit both narrow (2 bolt) and wide (4 bolt) steering stems. It is simple to install and bolts on in minutes. This ATV Handlebar Mount moves with the handlebars and projects the light into the turn where you need it. This model accepts one 6" DRC Series light bar. 
      • Solid Steel Construction
      • Laser Cut
      • Powder Coated
      • 6 mounting options at 1/2" intervals (holes)
      • Size: Size - 8 3/8" Outer W (7 7/8" Inner W) x 2 7/8" H x 8" D (mounting holes)

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