How the Quietite  Wedging Shank Works

When a ball mount or carrier shank is inserted into a receiver there is a gap between the surfaces, which allows the ball mount to be loose and rattle. Rocky Mountain Hitch’s Quietite Wedging Shank design completely eliminates this annoying rattling. The Quietite Wedging Shank uses a tightening bolt system that forces all four surfaces of the shank to press firmly against the four inside surfaces of the mating receiver, thus eliminating the gap and ensuring a quiet and tight ball mount or carrier.

The Ball Mounts are rated to a load capacity of up to 7500 GVWR in accordance with SAE J684. If you are using hitch mounted mud flaps that attach to a ball mount, the Quietite Wedging Ball Mount will completely stabilize the mud flaps, stopping them from rocking and moving around.

Quietite Ball Mounts